Please choose the MOST correct answer for the following 15 questions

1) What is a catchment?

2) Every time we change the flow of the water or add in a concrete channel we

3) Rehabilitating and restoring these urban rivers is important for

4) How many vegetation types are critically endangered in South Africa?

5) How many critically endangered vegetation types are found in Cape Town

6) Which is not a benefit of maintaining sustainable forest ecosystems?

7) Why is it important to remove alien invasive species?

8) What does ´biodiversity´ refer to?

9) What type of vegetation is most threatened in South Africa?

10) What are ´invasive alien species´?

11) What percentage of the world population is projected to be living in cities by 2030?

12) How did Princess Vlei derive its name?

13) What special animal might you see if you visit Rondevlei?

14) The western leopard toad can reach a length of?

15) Which is NOT an alien plant species?