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De Hel Nature Area

Park at the entry on Constantia Nek Road, look out for the small parking area on the left side of the road if you’re coming from Rhodes Drive. There’s another parking lot on Southern Cross Drive and the route is semi-circular so you can start at either entrance. There’s a clear path around the valley with smaller paths leading down to the streams that run through it.
Duration: +- 2km. The circular route will take just under an hour, but spend some time following the paths and exploring.

Alphen Trail

Park on Alphen Drive off of Constantia Main Road and set off along the path next to the Diep River. There are a couple of bridge crossings where you can choose to walk on the other side. This isn’t a circular route and you can also start the walk on the other end and park on Le Sueur Avenue.
Duration: +- 1km. About half an hour.

Brommersvlei Walk

Park on Rathfelder Avenue or Brommersvlei Road. This tree lined trail leads alongside the road before circling the Bel Ombre Meadow if you come from the Brommersvlei side.
+- 1.5km. This walk will take half an hour or so.

Diep River Trail

This route can link up to the Alphen Trail, the Brommersvlei Walk and the Klaasenbosch Trail. Park on Le Sueur Avenue or Southern Cross Drive. The route takes you along this green belt and you can then continue on along one of the other three routes or retrace your steps. 
 +- 1.5km. This will take over half an hour.

Doordrift Walk

This starts in the same place as the Alphen Trail but the walk goes in the other direction, or you can park on Doordrift Road and do the route the other way round.  
+-1km. About half an hour.

Grootboschkloof Trail

Park on Strawberry Lane, Spaanschemat River Road or Willow Road and follow the path along the river. This isn’t a circular route and you can link up to the Spaanschemat River Trail if you want a longer walk. 
+-1km. Twenty-five minutes or so.

Klaasenbosch Trail

There are several parking areas along this trail with the top two being off Rhodes Drive near the Kirstenbosch top gate and at Cecelia Forest. The bottom two can be found at Le Sueur Avenue or Hohenort Avenue. The middle of the walk passes by the Cellars-Hohenort Hotel (stop in for a gourmet bite).
Duration: +-2km. Just under an hour.

Silverhurst Trail

You can park across the road from Peddlar’s on the Bend on Spaaschemat River Road or at the other end of the trail on Constantia Nek Road. This is a popular horse-riding trail so if your dogs aren’t comfortable around them maybe choose a different walk.
Duration: +-2km. This will take about forty minutes.

Spaanschemat River Trail

This trail starts out from the same parking area as the Silverhurst Trail on Spaaschemat River Road but goes off in the other direction. You can also park on Strawberry Lane at two different locations. You can link up to the Grootboschkloof Trail at the far end from the Spaaschemat start.
Duration: +-1.5km. It’ll take about thirty five minutes.

Diep River Trail: From Source to Sea

Although not a sign-posted route, you are able to follow the Diep river – almost from Source to the Sea. The route starts at the Klaasenbosch trail (Rhodes Drive near the Kirstenbosch top gate), follow this route which joins with the Alphen trail. After reaching the M3 the walking route then has trouble following the Diep river due to housing encroachment but follows a route through the suburbs to various points where the river is visible. The route then joins up with the Mocke river which flows into Little Princess Vlei. The walking route crosses over to finish at Princess Vlei.
Duration: 6kms (3hours)

Prinskasteels/Keysers Trail: From Source to Sea

Although not a sign-posted route, you are able to follow the Prinskasteels/Keysers River – almost from Source to the Sea. The route starts at the Tokai Arboretum (for the more adventurous, start at the Elephants Eye cave and walk to the arboretum). Follow the route down Tokai Road, past the Tokai Manor and Tokai picnic site. Turn right into Orpen Road and follow the Tokai walking/cycle track to join the Keyers river walking trail.

As you reach the M3 you are unable to cross the highway. If you would like to walk the lower portion start again at the Dreyersdal Farm, walking down Vans Road toward Main road. Join the river again off Tokai or Keysers Road. Follow the river, crossing at the Steenberg Train Station. The route ends at the Zandvlei reserve.

Please note – access into the Zandvlei reserve may be limited and therefore it is best to access at the main gate rather than the point displayed on the map. Also this route is not well used. Please do not walk alone and note that this route may be unsafe at times.
Duration: 7.8kms (4 hours)

To see a rough sketch of the walking trails upstream of the M3 freeway, click here

To see maps of recreational cycling routes in the Constantia valley greenbelts, download map 1 and map 2.

Please click these links for information on mountain biking and dog walking within the National Park.

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