Staying Safe in the Catchment

Steps in staying safe while hiking and recreating in the catchment and contact details in case of emergencies

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As is the case within many cities worldwide given there is a threat of attacks and muggings we wish to provide the public, tourists and regular visitors to the catchment with as much information as possible, in order to keep you safe.

Chose popular hiking/walking routes and known places of interest within the catchment


If you wish to hike follow these basic safety rules:

  • Don’t hike/walk alone; four is the ideal number.
  • Choose your route carefully and stick to it. Allow yourself enough time – start early. Inform someone of your route and what time you’re expected back.
  • If lost – don’t split up. Rather try to retrace your steps.
  • Always take waterproof clothing, even in mid-summer, and wear walking shoes or hiking boots. Wear a hat or cap and sun block in summer. Weather changes rapidly.
  • In case of injury, take time to assess the situation. Then send two people for help and let the third remain with the injured person. If possible, mark the position on a map and send it with those going for help.
  • Stick to well-used paths. Don’t take shortcuts and don’t wander.
  • Always take enough water, especially in summer, and food in case of a delay. Watch the weather and time, and turn back before you start running late or if bad weather threatens.
  • Take a fully-charged cellphone.

Three Rules for Personal Security:

Please exercise the same common sense and security precautions that you would anywhere else in the world.

  • Do not attract unwanted attention by openly displaying cash, cameras or other valuables.
  • If you are confronted by a criminal, don’t resist. Handover your goods as resistance might incite a mugger to violence.
  • Program emergency numbers in your cellphone before your hike.

Emergency numbers relevant in the catchment:

  • Emergency CT Emergency Services: (021) 480 7700
  • Emergency SAPS (South African Police Service): 10111 (02110111 on cell)
  • Emergency CT Central OPS Centre: (021) 467 8002
  • SAPS Wynberg: (021) 799 1300
  • SAPS Steenberg: (021) 702 9000
  • Kirstenhof Police Station: (021) 701 2426
  • Table Mountain National Park Emergency Number : 086 110 6417
  • Emergency number from cellphone: 112
  • Mountain Rescue Emergency number: 021 937 0300

Other numbers which could come in handy:

  • Emergency NSRI: 082 911
  • Redwatch Fire Station (Porter Estate): (021) 782 1387
  • Lakeside Fire Station: (021) 788 1843
  • Wynberg Fire Station: (021) 797 6842

Any activities undertaken with the Table Mountain National Park are subject to the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (No. 15 of 2009) and the regulations pertaining thereto.

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